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Froch Essig Reineger - Non-edible German vinegar cleaner

Excellent cleaner and environmentally friendly. 
What makes FROSCH-products so special? 
FROSCH eco-quality by the following 9 aspects: 
Green power formula withnatural ingredientsto support care and cleaning characteristics. 
With tensides that have a renewablevegetable origin– with a high degree of fast biodegradability. 
The dermatologist-tested formulas exhibit excellentskin-friendliness.Minimized use of mild preservatives and carefully selected perfume components or complete omission thereof. 
Free ofdamaging chemicals,such as phosphates, borates, formaldehyde, eco halogens, PVC. 
Less environmental impact due to thereduced utilization of packaging materialand future-orienteduse of recycled and recyclable materials. 
Respects wildlifewith responsible actions. This is clear in the nature and animal protection initiative “Frosch schützt Frösche? (Frosch protects frogs). 
Sustainable andenergy-conscious productionat manufacturing sites, whose environmental management is certified in accordance with EMAS, ISO 14.001, and A.I.S.E. 
Company water treatment plantfor returning only purified production water to the wastewater cycle. 
More than25 years of experiencein the development and manufacture of enviromental 
weight:l 1000 ml 

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