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Bahlsen chocolate cake coated with chocolate flavoured icing

Moist chocolate cake coated with chocolate flavoured icing 
Ingredients:sugar,wheat flour,vegetable fat, liquid whole egg, glucose-fructose syrup, 
Lactose,cocoa mass,low fat cocoa powder 3,5% ,alcohol,raising agents: disodium diphopshate, 
Sodium bicarbonate, salt, emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides od fatty acids,sorbitan tristearate, 
Soya lecithin,vegetable oil (soya), wheat starch,whole milk powder,cococa butter,flavouring, 
Turmeric extract, glucose syrup 
Hazelnuts,almonds and walnuts also produced in this line. 
Net weight: 400g e  
BAHLSEN 30001 HANNOVER GERMANY www.bahlsen.de 

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